Sunday, October 7, 2007

Product and endorsement

Spears's success had made her notable in the music industry as well as popular culture. In early 2001, she caught the attention of Pepsi who gave Spears a multi-million dollar promotional deal which included numerous television commercials, point-of-purchase promotions and Internet ties between Spears and the company. Spears has had four books published including A Mother's Gift. She has also had seven DVDs including her 2005 reality series Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, a doll, a video game, and participated in seven tours including The Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004. She has grossed over US$145 million from tour ticket sales and over $45 million in merchandise from her tours. Spears endorsed a fragrance, Curious, for which she earned a reported US$12 million. After one year of sales, the product netted more than US$100 million. Curious was named the best selling perfume of 2004. Following the success of "Curious", Spears released her next Elizabeth Arden fragrance, Fantasy, in September 2005. In April 2006, Spears launched Curious: In Control as a limited edition fragrance. 2006 also saw the release of another perfume: Midnight Fantasy. On August 8, 2007 a promotional photo featuring Spears was released for her newest fragrance with Elizabeth Arden, Believe.

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